Virtual Tallmadge Day Commemoration

Presentation by Author and Historian

Christopher F. Minty

Monday, January 25, 2021 


This event will be held virtually via Zoom and teleconference

$5 Suggested Donation (optional)



Registration closes at 2pm the day of the event.

Join us virtually on Monday, January 25, 2021 as we commemorate the birthday of Frederick Samuel Tallmadge, the second President of the Sons of the Revolution℠ in the State of New York, whose generosity enabled the Society to acquire Fraunces Tavern in 1904. 

 Minty Bio Pic 2Our guest speaker will be Christopher F. Minty, Managing Editor of The John Dickinson Writings Project at the Center for Digital Editing at the University of Virginia, and the author if “American Demagogues”: The Origins of Loyalism in New York City (Cornell University Press, forthcoming 2022)*. 

 “What is the Reason, that New York is still asleep or dead, in Politicks and War?” John Adams raged in late June 1776. Independence had not yet been declared, and the famous Massachusetts lawyer worried that New Yorkers had yet to fall in line. With well-known revolutionaries Alexander McDougall, Isaac Sears, Robert R. Livingston, and others leading the way, Adams was concerned about New Yorkers’ apparent lackluster resolve. But he likely knew the cause, or at least suspected it. Manhattan was deeply divided. On one side, McDougall led the way. But on the other, a group led by the family who built Fraunces Tavern—the De Lanceys—were a coherent, organized political association who had a long history of disagreeing with and opposing McDougall and his associates. This year’s Tallmadge Day lecture will explore the history of Manhattan prior to and during the Revolutionary War, showing how the loyalist De Lancey family influenced the causes and courses of the conflict in Manhattan and beyond.  

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