The Society has many unique committees that further the mission of the organization.  All members are encouraged to show their support by becoming a member of one or more of the committees. In order to join a committee the Society President must appoint you.  Appointments can be easily received by expressing your interest directly to the President. To to so, please reach out to with your request.

See the committee list below to discover where your personal talents and interests can be best utilized.

Society Committee List:

Audit Committee

Book Award Committee

Church Service Committee

Committee on Flags, Colors & Standards (Color Guard)

Development & Long Range Planning Committee

Downtown Community Committee

Educational Services Committee

Employees’ Retirement Plan Committee

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Flag Day Committee

George Washington Birthday Ball Committee

Insurance Committee

Investment Committee

Law Committee

Library Committee

Long Range Planning Committee

Membership Committee

Museum and Art Committee

Nathan Hale Day Commemoration Committee

Newsletter (Patriot) Committee

Nominating Committee

Proxy Committee

Real Estate Committee

Restaurant Committee

Committee on Speakers

Steward’s Committee

Special Committee on Emergency Preparedness

Special Committee on Records and Archives

Special Committee on Information Technology (IT)

Tablet, Emblem and Decoration Committee