Committee on Flags, Colors & Standard

The Committee on Flags, Colors and Standards is a standing committee listing in the Society By-Laws.  It known as the Color Guard.  It shall have the care and custody of the flags, colors and standards of the Society and, subject to the rules and directions of the Board and the President, it shall be charged with their official display.

The Color Guard shall see that the flags, colors and standards of the Society in its care are at all times in good order and condition and available for immediate use.

The Committee shall inquire and from time to time report to the Board as to the flags, colors and standards, especially those of New York, used by the land and naval forces of the Colonies and States which assisted in establishing American Independence in the Revolutionary War, with a view to their accurate reproduction as additions to the collection of flags, colors and standards now in the possession of this Society.

Badges for the members of the CG in the form prescribed by the Board shall be purchased by the Secretary and loaned to them while members of the CG.

A record shall be kept of all ordered duty.  Ordered duty shall be that duty which requires the carrying of the flags.

Upon the expiration of then year’ service, a member having performed in each year eighty percent of all ordered duty, shall be withdrawn from active service and become a member of the CG’s Veteran Committee, unless otherwise authorized by the Board.  He shall be entitled to retain his badge as his property and to wear it a service bar of a design approved by the Board and furnished at the expense of the Society. A member of the CG’s Veteran Committee, thereafter, with his consent, may be assigned to active duty temporarily in the place of a member of the CG>

The Chairman of the CG is empowered at his discretion, in the event of an emergency or for a particular occasion, to enlist from the personnel of the Society at-large a member or members to fill temporarily, for such emergency or occasion only, vacancies in the CG.