Members in Arrears for 2018 Dues Payments

The list below is posted in accordance with Rule 27(6) of the Society’s Rules of the Board.  The individuals identified are listed as in arrears for payment of dues for 2018.  If your name is listed here in error, or if you would like to pay your dues for 2018, please contact Ms. Colyn Hunt at or make a payment at  Dues payments for 2018 are $125.

Stuart-Menteth Beard, IV
James Sudler Beard
Thomas Ralston Brooke
Paul Warner Brown
William E. Campbell
Fabien Mezan De Malartic
Robert M. Dennison
Timothy J. Fredrickson
Vincent Edward Gallagher, Jr.
Julian  Gammon, III
William P. Hammond
Adam Lawrence Hansley
Lawrence C. Hansley
James Frederick Harmon
Thomas W. Huppuch
George William Kelly
Scott Richard McLean
Christopher Lowe Parks
Bradley Ridgway
Brett David Ridgway
Brock Gregory Ridgway
Joseph J. Snellenburg, II
John Miles Thompson, III
Alexander Lincoln Van Santvoord
Michael Cameron Weaver
Roger H. Weaver