Why Join

As descendants of Revolutionary heroes our mission is to perform our duty of keeping before the public mind the memory of the services of our ancestors, and of the times in which they lived, and of the principles for which they contended through our programming and events.  We meet regularly for fundraisers, historical events, community outreach, and fellowship events.  Membership benefits include:

Who Can Join

In order to join the Society you must be a male who has an ancestor who actively assisted in establishing American Independence by his/her acts or counsel between April 19, 1775 and April 19, 1783 in Military, Naval, Marine Service, by service in the Continental Congress or Congress of any of the thirteen colonies, or by service as an official under authority of such bodies.

SENIOR MEMBERSHIP is for all males over the age of 21.  JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP is for all males under the age of  21.

How to Join

You can join the SRNY by filling out and submitting an application.  There are two types of applications, Short Form and Long Form. If you have family member within four generations who was a member of the Society you can use the Short Form Application.  All other applicants must complete the Long Form Application.  Please be sure to read the Application Instructions carefully.




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